What Sets Akarui Apart?

With vast range of learning programs for schools, colleges, professionals or job seekers. You will learn Japanese with fun, interest and culturally relevant lessons.

Our Centre believes that learning a foreign language adds value to your personal, professional and financial growth. Akarui has an intake of minimum 4 to maximum 12 enrollments per batch. We provide a learning environment which is both creative and fun. The learners gain hands-on experience in listening, reading, speaking and writing skills through the well-structured audio-visual learning aids. We believe in the power of human potential, anyone can learn a new language anywhere and anytime. We are dedicated to helping individuals, corporations, libraries and schools to remove the barriers to effective communication and cultural exchange.

Our Vision and Values

In Japanese, “Akarui” stands for brightness and knowledge. Standing true to our name, we aim to make our students and their knowledge shine bright. Our firm belief in the practical usage of the language leads to a thorough and contextual understanding and learning, led by native Japanese teachers. The faculty is committed to provide our learners with a comfortable environment for learning and enhancing their Japanese language skills.