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JLPT Preparation

Our intensive JLPT program helps individuals to prepare for different levels such as N1, N2, N3, N4 and N5. The easiest level is N5 and the most difficult level is N1. The JLPT exam is conducted by Japan Foundation in association with Japan Educational Exchanges and Services has five levels viz. JLPT N5 for basic, JLPT N4 as Low intermediate, JLPT N3 as intermediate, JLPT N2 as Advance level and JLPT N1 as Native Level. Students of each level are tested on their Reading Comprehension skills, Grammar & Kanji skills and Listening skills.

Considering the importance of speaking and writing training in Japanese language, Akarui introduced JLPT Preparation courese in order to train and test the students in speaking and writing skills in addition to the reading comprehension, grammar, kanji and listening skill.

355$ per 1 month
25 students

Robert Doe


Corporate & Business Japanese

To help meet the demand for higher level Japanese in the International workplace, Akarui offers general and business Japanese communication skills training, and trainer training, as well as benchmarking and evaluation of Japanese skills. Based on experience gleaned from numerous successful corporate training sessions we at Akarui aim to create a Japanese language training program which builds up the Japanese language abilities required by employees and communication skills which create interpersonal relationships within the company.
We have created a training curriculum which meets the demands of and actual situation at each company and high quality classes are offered by instructors with a wealth of experience in corporate training and business Japanese.
We will dispatch a Japanese Language Trainer to your office at your convenience. Recommended for those who are too busy to attend classes at Akarui. We carefully gather required information such as number of students, level of communications and customize the course as per corporate needs.
We design these programs to meet the demands and aims of companies, as well as specifically for Automotive, Automobile, IT engineers, marketing staff and managers who wish to acquire the necessary Japanese Language skills.

205$ per 1 month
33 students

John Doe


Personalized Courses

The short term courses offered at Akarui relates to various profiles identified with Travel, Hospitality, Journalism, International Business, Manufacturing, Engineering & Technology, Law, and Medical.
The courses are highly suited for individuals looking to build and enhance Japanese Language or plant a stepping stone in streams of Japan & their Culture.
Our language courses will help you understand the different cultural nuances and help you to work in harmony with your foreign counterparts. We will tailor a course specifically to you or company or any individual needs.

At our free initial consultation we will establish why you wish to learn the language, what level you would like to achieve and how we are going to achieve that. We will then put together a bespoke course tailored for you. This will be constantly reviewed against your progress and altered as necessary.

410$ per 1 month
43 students

Anny Doe