About Us

Akarui is one of the leading service providers in Delhi & Haryana, specializing in Japanese. We are the premiers in India for the new holistic methodology of learning and enhancing language skills. Having scaled the heights of success in training individuals, we have spread our wings into corporate trainings.
Besides this our teaching techniques are very well equipped to handle all kinds of customized school, college and other institutional trainings. Our faculty is a group of dedicated professionals counted amongst the crème of Japanese Language experts in India.
Our firm belief in the practical usage of the language leads to a thorough and a understanding and learning, led by native Japanese teachers. The faculty is committed to provide our learners with a comfortable environment for learning and enhancing their language skills.

In Japanese, "Akarui" stands for brightness and knowledge. Standing true to our name, we aim to make our students and their knowledge shine and bright.

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Based on experience gleaned from numerous successful training sessions we aim to create a Japanese language training program which builds up the Japanese language and communication skills.
We have created our training curriculum which meets the demands of every individual and high quality classes are offered by Japanese Language Expert Trainers with a wealth of experience in corporate training and business Japanese.

Classroom Program

Akarui offers Japanese Language Training Classes and JLPT Preparation Training Classes throughout the year. You can choose and customize a course best suitable according to your schedule and need.
Akarui helps individuals or those interested in a short term stay or an extended visit to Japan.
Our Work and Study in Japan Program provides practical advice and straightforward solutions for concerns such as how to find a job or study abroad program in Japan, how to write a resume in Japanese, where to meet people, and more.
This program includes easy-to-read charts and photographs that will help you enjoy, explore, and navigate your stay in Japan whether or not you can speak Japanese.

Corporate & Business Japanese

We will dispatch a Japanese Language Trainer to your office at your convenience. Recommended for those who are too busy to attend classes at Akarui. We carefully gather required information such as number of students, level of communications and customize the course as per corporate needs.

We design these programs to meet the demands and aims of companies, as well as specifically for Automotive, Automobile, IT engineers, marketing staff and managers who wish to acquire the necessary Japanese Language skills.

How we achieve:

  • We meet and discuss content of course
  • We check the Japanese Communication Level (In case if participant has already undertaken some courses earlier)
  • We start the course as per the schedule
  • We regularly check performance by conducting language tests
  • Finish course on time
  • Submission of a complete report

Our Strengths

  • Trusted by Top Companies
  • Blended Learning Experience
  • Discovering Individual Strengths
  • Award-Winning Japanese Training
  • Effective & Quick Learning
  • Lucrative Placements