jlpt prepration

Our intensive JLPT program helps individuals to prepare for different levels such as N1, N2, N3, N4 and N5. The easiest level is N5 and the most difficult level is N1.

The JLPT exam is conducted by Japan Foundation in association with Japan Educational Exchanges and Services has five levels viz.

  • JLPT N5 for basic
  • JLPT N4 as Low intermediate
  • JLPT N3 as intermediate
  • JLPT N2 as Advance level
  • JLPT N1 as Native Level

  • Students of each level are tested on their Reading Comprehension skills, Grammar & Kanji skills and Listening skills.
    Considering the importance of speaking and writing training in Japanese language, Akarui introduced JLPT Preparation courses in order to train and test the students in speaking and writing skills in addition to the reading comprehension, grammar, kanji and listening skill.

    Mode of Attendance: Full-time

    Aims of the classes

    These preparation classes aim to provide a thorough coverage of examination technique for candidates for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.


    The classes comprise a series of graded homework covering each section of the proficiency test, characters, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension and grammar, and culminating in several complete past papers. The papers are discussed in class, and with a maximum of twelve in each group there will be ample opportunity to discuss personal areas of difficulty.

    Important Tips to Clear JLPT Exam

    1. a.) Beginning with a first part of reading includes Kanji and Katakana.It looks easy but as exam rule says it to be tricky. A student should be careful with strokes as there are many similar Kanji we have in Japanese Language with a difference of a single stroke.
    As shown in the below image.

    For Katakana we have very few words in N5. You can check vocabulary list at http://www.tanos.co.uk/jlpt/jlpt5/vocab/VocabList.N5.pdf. Write down the Katakana words separately, so that you can revise it easily anytime. As Katakana is really complicated, you should check the words from dictionary that where English sounds are taking u or o sound. In katakana reading test, be careful for long sounds, it is one of the main point where students lose marks in exam.

    Next session is for 60mins. and consists of Grammar part. This part of JLPT exam needs your fast reading skills. As this session has completely grammar portion which includes particles,jumble sentences,paragraph reading,etc. For grammar practice and complete examination preparation please keep on checking our posts. Here ,in this part of exam, needs your knowledge of vocabulary, particles understanding,reading and sentence understanding,also the pattern usage understanding. For paragraphs always start from questions given and then try to seek for similar sentence from paragraph.This technique will save your time to get the answer. For Jumble sentence find the find and last word of the sentence, this technique will help you to arrange words quickly. For particles read sentence carefully, then apply the particle.

    The final and last part of JLPT is listening. This needs your concentration to understand the topic of a conversation. It has four types of listening test. The most easy and scoring part is where pictures are given and you just have to guess the correct greeting to be used at mentioned situation in given picture. and the other part is options and a picture both is given related to a conversation you will listen and you have to guess the right answer out of four given options. Next part is with only options mentioned but, question and situation you have to understand from listening a conversation. The most difficult part where neither options nor pictures are given, you have to listen everything carefully – questions will be repeated twice so if u miss the question at the beginning just don’t miss out the conversation so that once it’s repeated at the end of same question again you sill have a chance to listen question.

    What Our Students Say
    1. 5.00 out of 5

      Rahul Dhan

      "Best institute for The Japanese Language. Easy teaching techniques and best guidance for language. Cultural knowledge,Professional manners,Greetings,etc.. trained by the professionals. Great environment . Thanks, Akarui!! "

    2. 5.00 out of 5

      Amit Singh

      "Finally got the Place where I can Learn Japanese and our Sensei (Teacher) is so frank and Lovely that I become comfortable and learned so much that I'm now ready for My N5 exam."

    3. 5.00 out of 5

      Kumar Gaurav

      "I am a software engineer and the technologies comes mostly from Japan, so it's really helpful for making career in abroad. Thus, I took a Demo class from Akarui and found it's really easy to learn Japanese from Akarui and decided to join it Immediately. Thanks Akarui :) "

    4. 5.00 out of 5

      Preeti Tiwari

      "I joined this institute for 2 months when I din't know anything about Japanese Language and i had to appear for JLPT N5. But after joining this institute I am confident for the positive result. Best teaching,Perfect learning environment,Fun and easy learning. Thank you Akarui Centre for all the support ! "

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